It’s the tiny bubbles in champagne. It’s summer's first strawberry. And it’s the soft sensation of silk against naked skin. It's not the ordinary or regular. It’s the extras in life that make the world more beautiful. The exclusive little things that make you feel alive. It’s the things that makes people's heads turn – filled with desire. It’s the dream dresses of Lars Wallin.

Lars Wallin is a Swedish fashion designer with over thirty years of experience. During the course of his career, he has designed iconic garments for royalties, celebrities and stars all over the world. Lars's unique sense of powerful glamour, chic style and close attention to detail has earned him a reputation as one of few top-class Nordic couture designers.

Based in central Stockholm, our studio offers custom made festive creations and jewellery for a selected clientele. The brand heritage derives from the world of haute couture and has strong influences from French tailoring craftsmanship. With a tight team of textile designers, tailors and assistants we design and make dream dresses come true.

A main source of inspiration has always been the female body, but the bearer of the garment is just as important. We always aim to design unique dresses that follow the natural shape and curves of your body – making you feel both confident and comfortable. Creations that reflect your identity and become an extension of your personality.